Why Businesses Should Recycle the Big Five

The Big Five – aluminium, glass, paper, plastic and steel – are the crux of most recycling programmes. The label was coined by the recycling industry to describe these materials because, combined, they make up more than half of the municipal solid waste stream. The ‘Big Five’ are easily collected and recycled by most established recycling programmes. Aluminium, steel and glass can be recycled infinitely, and paper can be recycled (from its highest quality form) seven times before fibres Read more [...]

Health and Safety: Is Your Business Up To Scratch?

Health and safety has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, devoid of all meaning. The phrase ‘its health and safety gone mad’ is one that is heard in offices across the land. However, this isn’t always the case. Yes, the rules might be incredibly complex, but they’re for the safety of you and your employees. Here are some simple steps you should take to ensure that your business is up to scratch: Undertake a Comprehensive Policy Review: Advice and guidance on health and safety changes Read more [...]