5 Ways a Diverse Workplace Benefits Your Business

Workplace diversity has become an increasingly important issue over the last several decades, not only because of laws regarding affirmative action, but because of a growing awareness of the benefits associated with hiring a diverse workforce. While a company should always strive to hire the best candidates for a given job, it's not a bad idea to recruit qualified team members of distinctive ethnic, cultural, gender, age, economic, and religious status (just for example) to flesh out the overall Read more [...]

Strategic Communications for Nonprofits: How to Testify Before Congress

Providing congressional testimony related to your nonprofit organization serves three main strategic communications purposes. First, you promote awareness of your organization. Second, you put the organization’s public positions on record. Third, you create relationships with lawmakers, establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Testifying in front of Congress can be a smart strategic communications strategy for a nonprofit manager. In fact, it’s a tactic taught in strategic communications Read more [...]