How to Create a Diversity Plan for Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

Diversity is essential for any business to grow and thrive in today's global market. Diversity provides different perspectives, positivity, and collaboration while ensuring that your employees enjoy high work satisfaction. Here are 5 easy steps you can integrate into your business model that can significantly help you to create a diversity plan for your business. First, take the time to develop a statement of intent regarding diversity in the workplace. When creating this statement, you should Read more [...]

5 Practical Reasons to Donate Your Old Boat

Donating a boat isn’t the most attractive option to most people who are looking to get rid of their old vessel; however there are quite a few benefits, particularly applicable to those who are in need of every penny in this tough economy. Often, selling a boat independently will come at a significant loss to the owner. Alternatively, with donation, charities seek to resell at the highest possible value so that they can receive the most money from boat donation for good works. If you’re still Read more [...]