What You Need To Know About In-Store Product Placement For Your Brand

Landing a plum sale site inside a major store is a huge coup for an up-and-coming product. E-commerce is great in that you can draw customers to your product as they search for the particular item you sell, but much of what is sold in retail stores today is considered an impulse purchase; that is, the customer came in for something else but picked up other items because of their displays or other attractive features. This is how you can sell a new model of onion slicer to somebody who came for a Read more [...]

OLX.in – Buy & Sell Anything Online

Before OLX came into the scenario of buying and selling products online people in India were not that aware of online buying and selling. Through OLX you can post your used motorcycle here and you will be surprised to see how swiftly it gets its buyers. So if you are looking around your house and thinking to yourself about how you can create some space for your new home theater or any other electronic gadget then don’t stress yourself too much. Just click the picture of things which you think will Read more [...]