5 Tips for Picking the Right Phone Service for Your Business

New technology, easy delivery and a host of customized features are just three reasons why many businesses are rethinking their phone service options. If your business needs an upgrade too, here are five tips that will help you to find the right phone service. 1. Know your needs now… and in the future Quite simply, what is your current phone service not doing for your company? Understanding your business pain points will make matching the best phone service to your business much easier. They Read more [...]

Top 5 Network Security Tips for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Network security is critical for any sized business, but for small and mid-sized businesses, it is vital. As a small enterprise, your network is your greatest asset. Plus, one small breach could comprise your financial systems and client information, which can result in lost relationships with partners and decreased revenue. Not only is it important to strengthen and encrypt your network, it is also important to assess your network's weak points and seal up any glaring vulnerabilities. In this day Read more [...]