How to Get Into Property Development

Becoming a property developer is an appealing option for many people with financial stability, creative talent and those looking for some extra income and investment. Despite the fact that the property market has seen a rocky road since the recession, with house prices either falling or rising all over the country, it’s also much easier for young professionals and first time buyers to get their foot on the ladder. As well as this, the London housing bubble continues to attract foreign investors Read more [...]

Expert Furnishing for those in the Property Market

Whether you are a homeowner, letting agent, landlord or property developer you will need to make sure that your property both looks and feels like a home. This will help you to make a sale or rent out the property quickly and for maximum value. The key to making a property look and feel like a home is through quality furnishings, and this can help to establish character when done with care and thought. However, not everyone in the property industry is an interior designer and knows how to create Read more [...]