Improving Your Workforce with Telecommuting

In the past, telecommuting had a negative connotation because it was perceived as a way to skirt your professional duties while working at home. Telecommuting is slowly gaining ground as a smart way to conduct business today, however, because you can converse and check into a location with the click of your mouse. Your employer knows where you are when they log onto Facebook, for example. As a result, thousands of workers will log on to their computers each day and complete business in a professional Read more [...]

How to improve staff retention levels

In today’s competitive job market, retaining talented workers should be a top priority for employers. Unfortunately, far too many businesses are focusing their attention on their immediate needs without considering the long-term, which can prove to be a costly mistake. Failing to invest in your staff can result in reduced productivity, lowered morale and high turnover rates - all of which can affect your company's bottom line. So, if you want to secure a loyal and committed workforce, you’ll Read more [...]

What You Need To Know About In-Store Product Placement For Your Brand

Landing a plum sale site inside a major store is a huge coup for an up-and-coming product. E-commerce is great in that you can draw customers to your product as they search for the particular item you sell, but much of what is sold in retail stores today is considered an impulse purchase; that is, the customer came in for something else but picked up other items because of their displays or other attractive features. This is how you can sell a new model of onion slicer to somebody who came for a Read more [...]

Why Businesses Should Recycle the Big Five

The Big Five – aluminium, glass, paper, plastic and steel – are the crux of most recycling programmes. The label was coined by the recycling industry to describe these materials because, combined, they make up more than half of the municipal solid waste stream. The ‘Big Five’ are easily collected and recycled by most established recycling programmes. Aluminium, steel and glass can be recycled infinitely, and paper can be recycled (from its highest quality form) seven times before fibres Read more [...]