Health and safety has become a bit of a corporate buzzword, devoid of all meaning. The phrase ‘its health and safety gone mad’ is one that is heard in offices across the land. However, this isn’t always the case. Yes, the rules might be incredibly complex, but they’re for the safety of you and your employees. Here are some simple steps you should take to ensure that your business is up to scratch:

  1. Undertake a Comprehensive Policy Review: Advice and guidance on health and safety changes constantly and, if you don’t change your policies annually, you’ll soon be behind the times when it comes to the law. Although this may seem like an arduous process, it is one that is really worth following. If you’re certain that your policies are up to date with the law, then you never have to fear a health and safety breach.


  1. Make Sure You Have All The Tools At Hand: It isn’t only your plans that can be outdated; if your machinery becomes out of date it can pose an even greater risk than an out of date plan. Loose flooring tiles are the number one cause of slips, trips and falls in the workplace and these arise through negligence. If you have loose floor tiles then replace them immediately. While doing so, also consider upgrading the flooring you’re using. Hi-tech dura slab technology can be used as a flooring upgrade and should reduce the maintenance work going forward.


  1. Ensure You Have an H&S Expert: Finally, inspire confidence in your staff by appointing a health and safety expert in the team. You can do this by sending them on a quick course and this shouldn’t cost the earth. From here on in, however, you’ll have to ensure that they are fully involved in the planning and further development of existing health and safety strategies. This expert can then act as a go-between for staff and management, relaying any necessary information and also reporting any health and safety concerns that the workforce have.


To conclude, health and safety law might be complex, but you must remember that it is for the benefit of you and your employees. These three simple steps are all small changes you could make to boost the professionalism of your business, and they are things that you should look into doing immediately.


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