Have you ever wandered into an office resembling a landfill site after an explosion?

Damp stains on the walls, rickety tables, computers that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Mad Men, and employees who look like the undead – it’s hardly the finest place to work.

But a poorly office can be more than just an interior design nightmare. It can turn your employees from buzzing worker bees to slovenly sloths.

Moreover, just imagine a client witnessing your bedraggled workplace – they’d be more likely to head for the exit than sign on the dotted line.

With that in mind, what can you do to give your office an injection of pizzazz? Here are just a few suggestions.

Flora without the fauna

Feeling stuffy in your office? It might be because there are no plants in your workplace.

Office plants add a brighter feel to any workplace, in part because of the science behind them.

Plants produce a photosynthesising effect anywhere they’re placed, “breathing in” carbon dioxide and “breathing out” oxygen. With even a few plants, the air will always be clearer.

Hire an office plant specialist to decide colour schemes and configure the ideal placement of your newly purchase flora. Without a professional hand to guide those leafy plants, your office could turn into an overstuffed greenhouse.

A painterly eye

Most office bosses have the artistic eye of a philistine. They’ll populate their workplace with motivational posters, the type of images that could only inspire lobotomy patients. These dreaded posters seem to have been created by people without souls.

To impress both clients and employees, hunt down art that sets your mind alight. That doesn’t mean you have to put in a bid for the Mona Lisa – even a piece from your local branch of IKEA could do the trick.

With any luck, your newly acquired pieces will excite the mind of your employees. Who knows how they could be inspired.

Feeling the Feng

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has existed for over two millennia. And while some its more eccentric beliefs might seem preposterous to western eyes, they still hold weight when it comes to interior design advice.

If you hire a Feng Shui consultant, your office will be optimised beyond compare. Like a tightly wound machine, every table will be just-so, increasing efficiency and turning your space from a ragged mess to a clockwork wonder.

Cynics need not apply to Feng Shui, but this is no hokey con – in the right hands, it’s a true art form.

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